Off-campus access

IITH Library provides an off-campus (remote) access to subscribed e-resources using VPN services to the registered Faculty and research Scholars to access the e-resources from off-campus. Through EZProxy IP address also access, non-IIT access: non-IIT people can access IITH Library within the campus.

Request books for acquisition

Book acquisitions are done based on Faculty, Staff, Students suggestion along with librarian only. The Library may select vendors, negotiate consortium pricing, arrange for standing orders IITH Library
through this IP address faculty can give purchase suggestions or directly they can send email to

Steps for Book acquisition

  1. Taking resource suggestions from Faculty, staff
  2. Search and verify Bibliographic Information
  3. Choose an option for placing orders and Assign purchase order
  4. Assigned vendors giving a deadline for ordered books
  5. After receiving the books we should be checke the title, Author, Edition, page missing, damaged binding, and for such other issues.
  6. The bill should be verified in regard to the order in terms of books received and the amount to be paid. The order slip with the bill and books should be submitted at the accession corner. If books are not received in time then reminder letters should be sent to the vendor.
  7. Those books are for classification and cataloging
  8. Entering details in the accession register, Entering accession number in books
  9. Then bills are passed for payment.

Reserve books for a course:

This Facility is available in IITH Library

  1. If Library catalog shows that book is on loan patron want the same book then library staff make a reservation using the button “Hold” in Koha.
  2. When the previous borrower returns the book it is set apart for patron we will send an e-mail that you can collect the book at the library circulation desk, The time limit for collecting book is 24 working hrs. If a patron is not taken library staff cancel the hold and send email to others who reserving the same book if no one is there it will be shelved in library rack
  3. The patron can also cancel the reservation by using the “Cancel” option

Scan/Copy material

As per Student and Faculty requirements library provides scan copies and Xerox materials.

Borrow from other libraries

some rare and important books not available from vendors and other online websites like Flipkart and Amazon for those we can send a request to other libraries

Find Status of Books

The new arrival books can be saved in GoogleDocs those link can be sent to book suggested Faculty.

The IITHlibrary accepts donations of new and gently used books, CDs and DVDs which may be added to the collection if they meet our collection guidelines and other material that supports the research and teaching mission of the IITH.

We accept the following types of donations, provided they are in good condition:

  • Text and reference books
  • fiction/novels
  • Graphic novels
  • Audio-visual material (music, audiobooks, and movies).

Note: Due to storage space constraints there are some materials that we do not accept. Items we do not accept are Xerox material, magazines, journals and any material that is in poor condition.

Request Changes to Library/website:

IITH Library accepts requests, suggestions, and feedback from students, faculty to give a better output