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Open Access

As if now IITH not have any official Approved Policy for Open Access

Intellectual Property

As if now IITH not have any official Approved Policy for Intellectual Property

Making Copies

This service is limited to library materials and particularly for copying books without violating the CopyRight Act.Rs.1/- Charging for each page of the document.


Library Providing Similarity Check Services to IITH Community. For access Similarity Check Software, Please send a request to

Circulation Policy

To Access Library Resources Every Patron Must Fill Membership Form:
1. Faculty Membership Form
2. Staff Membership Form
3. Students Membership Form

Borrowing Privileges

Category No of Books Issue Loan Period
Faculty 30 Six Months
Staff 3 One Month
PhD/MPhil 5 One Month
PG 4 One Month
UG 3 One Month

Every Patrons may return / renew documents before or on due date. If one fails to submit documents, it will lead to pay fine. Return/renew of documents only through Library circulation desk.

Fine Details
No of Days Amount
1-5 days Per day Rs.1
5-15 days Per day Rs.5
15 days onwards Per day Rs.10


IITH community can Reserve a book through Library Circulation Desk. Users can place Book Reservation request to Circulation desk. At the time of return the book, the user who has hold the book will get the intimation regarding the arrival of the book through mail. Book will be reserve for the same user just for 24 hours, after stipulated period of reservation; book can be issued to another user.

Acquisition & Donation Policy


The Faculty can recommend books and other publications for purchase to the IITH Library. Recommendations can make through both online and offline. Online recommendations routed through KOHA OPAC. Faculties can log in their KOHA account and place recommendation of books through Purchase Suggestions.
The Library would then check for duplication and place the list of recommended books before the Library Advisory Committee (LAC) for its review. Some very urgent requirements of books forwarded by the Deans/Chairpersons of respective Department may be purchased with the approval of Chairperson of the Library Advisory Committee or by circulation to LAC members.
After approving by the LAC , Library place a query to empanelled Vendors. Comparing the quotations from different vendors Library confirm order with the vendor who given highest discount and minimum supply time.


The Library recognizes and appreciates that IITH Community, are interested in donating documents to the Library collection. Library welcomes gifts-in-kind that meet our acceptance guidelines and other materials that supports the research and teaching mission of IITH.

Donation Guidelines

Items must be in “gift worthy” (good/excellent) condition and free of odor, mold and infestation. We will not accept items that are damaged, dirty, marked, worn, torn or otherwise in poor condition.

We accept the following types of donations, provided they are in good condition:

  • Text and Reference Books
  • Fiction/Novels
  • Graphic novels
  • Audio-Visual Material (Music, Audiobooks and Movies).

Please note that due to storage space constraints there are some materials that we do not accept. Items we do not accept are Xerox material, magazines, journals and any material that is in poor condition.

Materials can be dropped off at the library year-round during regular library hours. If you have a large donation, please contact library staff @040-23016025.